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Daniel Bikle1, Hans Bräuner-Osborne2, Edward M. Brown3, Wenhan Chang1, Arthur Conigrave4, Fadil Hannan5, Katie Leach6, Daniela Riccardi7, Dolores Shoback1, Donald T. Ward8 and Polina Yarova7
  1. University of California San Francisco, USA
  2. University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  3. Harvard University, USA
  4. University of Sydney, Australia
  5. Royal Liverpool University Hospital, UK
  6. Monash University, Australia
  7. Cardiff University, UK
  8. University of Manchester, UK


The calcium-sensing receptor (CaS, provisional nomenclature as recommended by NC-IUPHAR [46] and subsequently updated [76]) responds to multiple endogenous ligands, including extracellular calcium and other divalent/trivalent cations, polyamines and polycationic peptides, L-amino acids (particularly L-Trp and L-Phe), glutathione and various peptide analogues, ionic strength and extracellular pH (reviewed in [77]). While divalent/trivalent cations, polyamines and polycations are CaS receptor agonists [14, 109], L-amino acids, glutamyl peptides, ionic strength and pH are allosteric modulators of agonist function [35, 46, 60, 107, 108]. Indeed, L-amino acids have been identified as "co-agonists", with both concomitant calcium and L-amino acid binding required for full receptor activation [147, 53]. The sensitivity of the CaS receptor to primary agonists is increased by elevated extracellular pH [17] or decreased extracellular ionic strength [108]. This receptor bears no sequence or structural relation to the plant calcium receptor, also called CaS.


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