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Paul A. Dawson1
  1. Emory University, USA


The SLC51 organic solute transporter family of transporters is a pair of heterodimeric proteins which regulate bile salt movements in the small intestine, bile duct, and liver, as part of the enterohepatic circulation [1, 3]. OSTα/OSTβ is also expressed in steroidogenic cells of the brain and adrenal gland, where it may contribute to steroid movement [4]. Bile acid transport is suggested to be facilitative and independent of sodium, potassium, chloride ions or protons [3, 1]. OSTα/OSTβ heterodimers have been shown to transport [3H]taurocholic acid, [3H]dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate, [3H]estrone-3-sulphate, [3H]pregnenolone sulphate and [3H]dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate [1, 3, 4]. OSTα/OSTβ-mediated transport of bile salts is inhibited by clofazimine [7]. OSTα is suggested to be a seven TM protein, while OSTβ is a single TM 'ancillary' protein, both of which are thought to have intracellular C-termini [5]. Both proteins function in solute transport and bimolecular fluorescence complementation studies suggest the possibility of OSTα homo-oligomers, as well as OSTα/OSTβ hetero-oligomers [5, 2]. An inherited mutation in OSTβ is associated with congenital diarrhea in children [6].


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SLC51 family of steroid-derived molecule transporters
            OSTα(Organic solute transporter subunit α)
            OSTβ(Organic solute transporter subunit β)


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