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Douglas Forrest1, Anthony N. Hollenberg2 and Paul Webb3
  1. National Institutes of Health, USA
  2. Harvard Medical School, USA
  3. The Houston Methodist Hospital Research Institute, USA


Thyroid hormone receptors (TRs, nomenclature as agreed by the NC-IUPHAR Subcommittee on Nuclear Hormone Receptors [10]) are nuclear hormone receptors of the NR1A family, with diverse roles regulating macronutrient metabolism, cognition and cardiovascular homeostasis. TRs are activated by thyroxine (T4) and thyroid hormone (triiodothyronine). Once activated by a ligand, the receptor acts as a transcription factor either as a monomer, homodimer or heterodimer with members of the retinoid X receptor family. NH-3 has been described as an antagonist at TRs with modest selectivity for TRβ [38].


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1A. Thyroid hormone receptors
Introduction to 1A. Thyroid hormone receptors
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