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Jean Mazella1, Philippe Sarret2 and Jean-Pierre Vincent1
  1. CNRS Valbonne, France
  2. Université de Sherbrooke, Canada


Neurotensin receptors (nomenclature as recommended by NC-IUPHAR [38]) are activated by the endogenous tridecapeptide neurotensin (pGlu-Leu-Tyr-Glu-Asn-Lys-Pro-Arg-Arg-Pro-Tyr-Ile-Leu) derived from a precursor (NTS, 30990), which also generates neuromedin N, an agonist at the NTS2 receptor. [3H]neurotensin (human, mouse, rat) and [125I]neurotensin (human, mouse, rat) may be used to label NTS1 and NTS2 receptors at 0.1-0.3 and 3-5 nM concentrations respectively.


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